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Summer Closet Cleaning

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Mine was fabulous, merci. Lots of amazing sunshine on the South Jersey beach and I had two new pairs of Elizabeth and James sunglasses to ensure I looked hot while protecting my eyes.

I picked up the new shades at the KNIT WIT Margate trunk show over the weekend. Ahhhhh… trunk shows. Elizabeth and James. Delightful.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I instructed you to clean out your closet? Did you listen to me? Katie knows that those winter clothes still hanging up front are taking precious space away from your new, gorgeous sun dresses. And, this is totally hindering your ability to fully embrace summer.

After basking in the sun of the long, holiday weekend, you now have one mission: Clean. Out. Your. Closet! It’s really quite necessary after you hit up the Theory trunk store at the KNIT WIT Margate last weekend. Not only is it time to store away your winter pieces, but reevaluate your summer clothes. That cute skirt from two years ago? It’s dead. Give it to Goodwill. The stretched-out halter dress that you always feel hot in? Replace it with a vibrant T-Bags number from KNIT WIT and PLAGE TAHITI. Your white jeans are looking dull and that cut isn’t doing it for you anymore. Update your summer staples at KNIT WIT and PLAGE and respect them by treating them right in your closet.

Now I’m going to be brutally honest: if you use wire hangers, we have a problem. It’s not because I aspire to be Mommy Dearest, rather, it’s difficult for me to not judge someone who doesn’t take care her clothes. Our clothes are a reflection of ourselves. What does it say about one’s self-worth if your clothes are hanging like drowned spaghetti, being pulled and misshaped over terrible wire hangers? The way your clothes hang in your closet is the way they will hang on you. Invest in some nice, hangers – either traditional cloth hangers or the ones that have a little fabric grip to them so your dainty fabrics won’t slip. These can get expensive, sure. But you can also find a pack of 10 for $10 at a discount store. You love your clothes – take care of them and feel good about yourself!

While this all may seem like a chore, Katie knows you are going to actually enjoy the process of cleaning out your closet. It feels so good to bag up and donate older items that don’t fit or don’t do you justice and add new, fresh, inspirational pieces that will have you feeling good for the season. Hold onto all the amazing memories you made while wearing your old clothes, and pass those duds along to someone in need. While you’re at it, get those winter wools the hell out of sight. Don’t make me come back and check your hangers!



Swimsuit Season at KNIT WIT Margate

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Ok, ladies. Are you ready?!  Memorial Day Weekend is almost here!

I know it can be a bit daunting to peel off all those winter layers and let the sun shine in, but summer is the season for swimming, sunning and enjoying the warm weather. You simply can’t do that in a turtleneck! Whether you are hitting the shore, pool or lakes, you need some fabulous swimsuits this summer.

Good thing my friends at KNIT WIT in Margate, NJ have the BEST selection of designer swimsuits in the region. Run there, ladies! These designer suits are coveted by the Philly’s fashionistas, moi included. Besides, your legs could use the extra lift before you bare them in the sand and surf.

No matter your size, shape or age, KNIT WIT in Margate has the perfect bathing suit for you. Mother of 3 in Ocean City? They’ve got you covered. Recent grad? They’ve got the hottest beach trends that will keep you in-style from the new Arrow Swim Club to the Hamptons. First summer on the beach with your grandkids? KNIT WIT in Margate has your suit, sarong and oversized hat. The selection is simply unmatched!

Love these high-waisted retro bottoms!

I just picked up two new Marc Jacobs suits while they were all being sold at PLAGE TAHITI on 17th Street in Center City (the suits were downtown for a few weeks for those of us who are super serious about summer suit preparation, before they were moved to KNIT WIT in Margate). The unique cuts and styles offer some really sexy bikini options and I simply love the bright, vibrant colors and patterns that I get when I buy Marc. The blend of vintage-inspired prints and modern designs make me feel awesome when I’m on the beach, walking the boards or lounging on the porch reading the paper. When I’m at the beach, I live in a bathing suit and my suits are always fabulous. The selection at KNIT WIT ensures it!

In addition to Marc suits, KNIT WIT in Margate is carrying swimwear by Latarte, ViX, amazing one-piece Karla Colletto’s, Lisa Curran, Trina Turk, Melissa Odabash, Luli Fama, Paul Smith and Phillip Lim. This year, we are seeing a lot of younger women opt for one-piece suits that still boast a healthy dose of sex appeal. Many of these designers are offering incredible one-piece suits that will flatter and accentuate every woman in all the right places.

You’ll feel so comfortable trying on and picking up your new swimsuits for summer because KNIT WIT in Margate has the selection to accommodate every woman’s preferences. Whether you want a flattering one-piece, a sexy tank with a plunging neckline or an itty bitty bikini, KNIT WIT in Margate, NJ on Atlantic Ave. has you covered for the season. Katie knows you’ll thank her for the tip.